It is crucial that you build your landscaping and lawn maintenance routine whenever the growing season starts. Plants and grass have to be maintained regularly across the growing season. This will help guarantee that they properly grow.

Aside from hiring a professional San Angelo lawncare service provider, there are a couple of important tasks that you can do as a homeowner. Here are some of them:

Prune and Trim Any Landscape Plants that Requires It

Landscape plants have to be trimmed and cut as well, just like the grass. Pruning helps to remove any branches that are wildly growing. In addition to that, it will help shape your plant throughout the year. This guarantees your curb appeal stays consistent. Routine pruning also offers plant care experts the chance to assess the plants for any possible indications of insect infestations or plant diseases.

Keep in mind that trimming and pruning are not the same, even though they’re quite interchanged. In general, this is done every single year for the health of the plant. It’s done to get rid of any parts of plants that appear to be dead, diseased, or dying. This will help ensure they don’t keep on taking away resources from the healthy part of the plant. For a couple of plants, this needs to be done immediately after the plant comes out of winter dormancy. However, pruning needs to be done after they’ve bloomed for fruit-bearing trees or flowering shrubs.

Apply the first Pre-Emergent Weed Control and Treatment Fertilization

Your grass also requires weed control and nutrient treatments, aside from proper lawn mowing. You should start applying custom fertilizer in spring that you create based on the results of your soil test. The test will show you where your lawn might be lacking in nutrients. Thus, they can compensate for that in the fertilization.

A pre-emergent weed control treatment will help improve the weed’s growth in the lawn. This includes dandelions, clover, crabgrass, and much more. Without regular weed control, these weeds will grow quickly. Weeds can end up taking over your whole lawn if they are not treated. Thus, you should also consider weed control applications.

Build a Right Mowing Routine

Proper mowing routine is one of the most vital aspects of lawn health. The growing season usually starts in early April or late March. It will last until early November or late October. It is crucial to mow at regular intervals during this time. This includes bi-weekly or weekly mowing. Hiring an expert mowing company will guarantee that your lawn will always be mowed on the same schedule. However, if you’re going to do it yourself, make sure you establish a proper mowing routine.

In addition to that, you also have to consider the height of your mower’s blade. You have to ensure that the blade isn’t too short or too high when cutting the grass. Mowing too short will only kill the grass. On the other hand, if you don’t mow the grass, you’ll end up with a messy looking lawn.